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Our Influencers Have to Say

  • Elite Anime Weightlifting Belts

    Julien R.

    IG: @_hyperjulez
    (Code: JULIEN12OFF)

    "This belt it’s definitely one of the best belts I’ve ever used. I’ve hit so many prs and passed my limits 100% of the time I put it on. It’s such high quality and it’s a great work of art."

    My Product: Demon Slayer Lifting Belt

  • Elite Anime Weightlifting Belts

    Storm G

    IG: @akatsukigains
    (Code: AKATSUKI)

    "I love my belt more than any other lever belt i’ve ever had. The shiny gold lever and the Akatsuki design makes it a “head turner” for sure. I’ve hit more PR’s than i can count using my Akinci Strength lever belt and i’ll never buy any other brand. Why pay so much for an overpriced gimmick when you can get the same thing for half the price and also have a killer design on it!? "

    My Product: Akatsuki Lifting Belt

  • Elite Anime Weightlifting Belts

    Jake Lee

    IG: @jeikulifts
    (Code: JEIKU)

    "The Akinci Strength's Frost White belt is my go-to pick for a lifting belt. With a flickable lever and a clean white design, it is truly a masterpiece in the hand and on the waist. Paired with extraordinary durability and a stain-resistant surface, this belt is sure to last a lifetime!"

    My Product: Frostbite Weightlifting Belt

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